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Workshop 12 Niyona + Atelier Alexandre Lowie

Atelier Alexandre Lowie translates pure artisanship into functional objects with

a life of their own. Each piece is fully made by hand, and it shows. The crafsman’s

love of all things hand-made and traditional techniques appears is his elegant

furniture as a hallmark of quality and savoir-faire. Details, you won’t be

surprised to discover, are paramount in the Atelier’s creations.

Next to limited editions, Atelier Alexandre Lowie also manufactures pièces

uniques, made to measure for those who don’t shy away from subtle grandeur:

unapologetic, daring designs that will be passed on to future generation with

more than a hint of pride. Luxurious, yes, if by that you mean lavish yet executed

with minute perfection and an impeccable taste for aesthetics.