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Stan Van Steendam

The artistic practice of Stan Van Steendam translates itself as a deconstruction of the materiality of painting, which comes to expression in his intuitive compositions.
The places where Van Steendam chooses to reside always have a major influence in his work. From his studio in Lisbon, he was captivated by the light and the skies. An inspiration that is directly reflected in his light-toned works. The lakes (Lagoas) he visited on the volcanic island of Pico in The Azores, confronted Van Steendam with an inner darkness, an inner fear, an anxious feeling within us. He works mainly with dark green, black, blue, grey and white pigments and ashes.
Through an extensive layering of raw pigment and plaster, the artist amplifies the spatial properties of painting – abandoning the traditional focus on surface – to increase the object’s volume, making it enter the space of the viewer. This results in a body of work that blurs painting and sculpture, with an emphasis on the physical presence of the object in the space, making it approachable from all sides. His use of texture, tactility and solid monochromes is aimed at triggering a mesmerizing effect with the observer: one of heightened perception, of inner absorption and being one with the material itself. Van Steendam questions the limits of painting by diverging from the medium’s conventional application and proposing new approaches with minimal aesthetics. With his bare hands as his main tool, he simultaneously sculpts and paints, while his fingerprints mark his works.
He treats the material sculpturally, laying bare the creational process in his work so that the object in his current appearance co-exists simultaneously with its history.